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Blower Motors


The blower motor in your home’s HVAC system is responsible for pushing the air through the air ducts and vents in your home.  It is important to have an efficiently running blower motor to ensure that your home’s temperature remains comfortable.   You can trust that Wells Technology INC. will replace your blower motor to restore your home’s temperature balance.  Our sister company Kufen Motor & Pump handles all blower motor repairs . Dealing with Wells Tech gives you a 1 stop shop for all your blower motor sales and blower motor repair .


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Air Handler Motors


The Northeast part of the US experiences all 4 seasons of the year.  From blistering cold winter nights to excruciating summer days your Air Handler motor is working hard to make sure that your home remains as comfortable as possible.  During the summer months the air handler motor delivers cool air through your home and works to reduce the humidity in your home.  In the winter months the air handler motor warms your home to ensure your comfortability.

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Burner Motors


Oil burner HVAC systems are common in the Northeastern Region of the US.  Burner motors are essential to the oil burner heating system in your residential or commercial property.  The burner motors are the power supply for the oil pump and fan inside the oil burner.  When a burner motor fails and needs to be replaced, trust the experts who have been working in the  area for over 40 years. Give us a call at Wells Technology INC. today!

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Cooling Tower Motors


The weather in the Northeast is very versatile.  From dry cool nights to hot humid summer days there really is no telling what to expect !  The good news is that cooling tower motors are designed to work in all types of environments. Cooling tower motors keep your HVAC system cool even in climates of 100% humidity!  Call us today to discuss your HVAC’s cooling tower motor .

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Hot Water Circulator Motors


A warm shower is sometimes the only “me” time you have during the day.  When your hot water circulator motor is not performing to par that “me” time is gone.  How water circulator motors are in charge of powering the hot water circulator pumps.  If your  home's hot water circulator motor is in need of replacement, call the experts at Wells Technology INC. If your hot water circulator motor needs repair our sister company Kufen Motor & Pump handles all repairs in the  area.


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Inducer Motors


The purpose of an inducer motor is the move air and harmful gases out of your home or business’s furnace through the chimney.  It is important that the inducer motor is running efficiently to protect yourself, family, and customers from exposure of these harmful gasses.  Wells Tech has a fully stocked warehouse of inducer motors  and also specializes in inducer motor repairs.  Our sister company Kufen Motor & Pump handles all inducer motor repairs . Dealing with Wells Tech gives you a 1 stop shop for all of your inducer motor sales and inducer motor repair .


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Refrigeration Motors


The foods you purchase for your home or commercial facility are carefully chosen. Why have a refrigerator that cannot keep them fresh?  The refrigeration motor in your fridge ensures that your appliance stays cool on the inside and keeps your produce and dairy fresh for use.  If you are  and worried that your fridge is not operating to the best of it’s ability call us today at Wells technology INC.  We are your one stop shop for all refrigeration motor needs.

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Condenser Fan Motors


The Condenser Fan: Motor & Blades is a vital component to your  home’s HVAC system.  The Condenser Fan: Motor & Blades pulls warm air from the unit into the outside.  This prevents over heating of the HVAC unit and ensures that your home remains your comfort zone.  If you are experiencing any condenser fan: motor & blades issues give us a call today!

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